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Cyprus Work Permit & Migration Services

We can help you to move your management to Cyprus by taking care of immigration and work permit procedures to ensure that your key strategists can officially be part of your company’s operations.  

Company Set Up

Cyprus is one of the most popular locations for foreign investors looking to enter the lucrative European Union market. The island nation has a friendly attitude towards foreign investors. There are no restrictions on the type of investments in business sectors and also allows foreign individuals to wholly own a Cyprus LLC.

Cyprus Banking Solutions

  A newly formed company in Cyprus requires a bank account according to the laws to carry out its transactions. The process of opening a Cypriot bank account as a foreign individual, entity or corporation can be cumbersome when you are new to the system. The process also requires the right introducer to avoid running into obstacles during the process. Therefore, you need a professional banking solution provider to handle everything from beginning to end for you.  
Cyprus Tax Compliance
  When you set up a company in Cyprus as a foreigner, you have to navigate a completely new system and make sure you’re not overlooking any laws and rules. A key part of any country’s system are the personal and corporate taxation laws that you and your company have to comply with. Better tax compliance means you can take advantage of reliefs available for your company. It also helps avoid unintentional tax filing mistakes.  
 Secretarial Services
  We have a locally present team of specialists to ensure a wide scope of corporate and secretarial services for our clients from all around the world to maintain the business operations and serve you at a board meeting or client meeting taking place there in Cyprus.  
Bookkeeping & Accounting
  We provide bookkeeping services to ensure your finance management meets local regulation, and related tax administration services, which are part of payroll management for your governing bodies there in Cyprus.