4 legal ways to get Cyprus Citizenship

4 legal ways to get Cyprus Citizenship

 The interest in Cypriot citizenship is rising due to the Cyprus Investment Programme for non-EU citizens and Brexit prompting Cypriot origin applicants. Four pathways exist:
1.    Residence-Based Naturalization (M127): Foreigners living 7 years in Cyprus (5 years for some) can apply. Required: stay records, application, fees. Processing: 1-2 years.

2.    Marriage to Cypriot (M125): Foreign spouses of Cypriots married 3 years, living 2 years in Cyprus (5 years with child) can apply. Needed: marriage records, passports, forms. Process: 1-2 years. 

3.    Cypriot Origins: Various paths for Cypriot heritage, differing docs and fees. 

4.    Investment Programme (ended Nov 2020): Investors could get citizenship with €2 million investment.

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