Cyprus Yellow Slip

Cyprus Yellow Slip

 Cyprus Yellow Slip: Registration for EU Citizens The Cyprus Yellow Slip, issued on yellow paper, is a registration certificate available to European (EU and EEA) citizens staying, working, or visiting Cyprus. It grants certain rights but is only valid within Cyprus and doesn't provide visa-free travel to other countries. 
Application Overview:
  • EU citizens and their family members apply using forms MEU1 and MEU2 respectively.
  • MEU1 processing time: Issued immediately or within 5 days by local immigration units.
  • MEU2 processing time: Issued by Nicosia's Civil Registry and takes about 3-5 months.

Yellow Slip Validity:
  • EU citizen certificates have no expiration date.
  • Non-EU family member certificates are valid for 5 years, renewable upon expiry.

  • Offers full rights of stay, re-entry, work, and business activities similar to Cypriot citizens.

Required Documents:
  1. Completed MEU1 or MEU2 forms
  2. Valid passport copy
  3. Certified and translated marriage certificate (if applicable)
  4. Certified and translated children's birth certificates (if applicable)
  5. Rental or sale agreement for housing
  6. Bank statements from Cyprus or abroad (if applicable)
  7. Confirmation letter from employer and payslip (if working abroad)
  8. Documents related to employment in Cyprus (if applicable)
  9. Health insurance (if not working in Cyprus)
  10. Two passport photos

Application Procedure:
  • Applicants or lawyers book a submission date (recommended 3-4 weeks prior).
  • Applicants must be physically present, though lawyers can attend the meeting.
  • Government fees: €20 for first-time application or renewal per family member.

  • Non-EU family members renew using the same documents as initial registration.
  • EU citizen certificates don't need renewal as they don't expire.

Our Services:
  • Our team manages the entire application process, from form preparation to submission, follow-up, and card delivery.

For expert assistance and a smooth registration process, contact us.