Cyprus Digital Nomad visa

Cyprus Digital Nomad visa

 The Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa allows non-EU/EEA nationals to work remotely in Cyprus for an employer or clients from abroad. Here's an overview of the key details: 

Basic Information: Introduced in October 2021 as a teleworking scheme. Applicants must work remotely in the IT sector while residing in Cyprus. Minimum net income requirement of EUR 3,500. Valid for one year, renewable for two more years. Family members (spouse, underaged children) can also reside in Cyprus. Ceiling of 500 permits under the scheme. Tax 

Benefits: If not a tax resident of another country, the applicant can be a tax resident of Cyprus by spending 183 days in a year there. Tax benefits include no tax on dividends or capital gains, and a 50% tax exception for foreign workers earning above EUR 55,000 annually. 

Requirements: Telework using technology while residing in Cyprus. Employer or clients from abroad. Income of at least EUR 3,500 net, plus additional percentages for family members. Suitable place to stay.

Documents Needed: Application form (MVIS4) Passport copies Blood tests and tuberculosis X-ray Health insurance Title deed or rental agreement Marriage and birth certificates (translated with Apostille or Cyprus embassy stamp) Clear criminal record School attendance confirmation (for children) Income documents Letter of intent explaining your reasons Employment contract or project/service contracts (for self-employment) Proof of monthly income Bank statements for the last 6 months

Fees: Residence permit application fee: €70 per family member Initial registration at the Aliens’ Registry: €70 (once) 

Application Process: Can take 5-7 weeks. Applicants can stay in Cyprus until the permit is issued. 

Our Services: Our team offers assistance throughout the application process, including setting up meetings, preparing forms, advising on documents, attending meetings, and managing the application until you receive the permit. Please note that this summary aims to provide a concise overview of the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa scheme. For more detailed information, refer to the official sources or consult legal experts.