Cyprus tax residency

Cyprus tax residency

 Cyprus Tax Residency Rules and Benefits Cyprus offers two criteria for tax residency determination: the "183-day rule" and the "60-day rule," introduced in 2017. These rules establish tax residency for individuals in Cyprus based on the days spent in the country and other conditions. 183-day Rule:
  • An individual spending at least 183 days in Cyprus is considered a tax resident.
  • Worldwide income is subject to taxation in Cyprus.

60-day Rule:
  • For individuals not meeting tax residency criteria in any country.
  • Conditions for becoming a tax resident:

  • Spend at least 60 days in Cyprus during the tax year.
  • Not reside over 183 days elsewhere.
  • Not tax resident elsewhere.
  • Engage in business activities, work, or directorship in Cyprus.
  • Maintain a permanent residence in Cyprus.

Tax Benefits:
  • Cyprus tax residents, under both rules, are taxed on worldwide income.
  • Certain exceptions apply:

  • Non-domiciled residents exempt from taxation on worldwide dividends and passive interest income.
  • Profit from securities' sale is tax-exempt.
  • New residents with income over €100,000 enjoy a 50% income tax discount for 10 years.
  • Income earned from employment outside Cyprus exceeding 90 days is exempt from Cyprus income tax.

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