Cyprus permanent residence by marriage to Cypriot

Cyprus permanent residence by marriage to Cypriot

 Cyprus Permanent Residence by Marriage to a Cypriot Non-European Union citizens married to Cypriot citizens can apply for Cyprus residency. The following family members of a Cypriot citizen and their spouse are also eligible:
  • Children under 18 years old from a previous marriage.
  • Parents-in-law of the Cypriot citizen.

  • Provides the right to unlimited stay in Cyprus.

Required Documents:
  • Passport or identity card of both the Cypriot citizen and the applicant.
  • Marriage Certificate.
  • Non-Marriage Certificate of the spouse (if previously single).
  • Copy of divorce and Affidavit of both spouses if divorced before marriage.
  • Health Insurance (if the Cypriot citizen is not employed).
  • Proof of stable and sufficient income.
  • Certificate of Social insurance contributions of the Cypriot citizen (if applicable).
  • Title deed of a property in Cyprus or Rental Agreement certified and stamped.
  • Birth Certificate for children from a previous marriage.

Application Process:
  • Apply at the Migration District Unit where the applicants reside.
  • Initial applications might grant temporary residency for up to a year, renewable twice.
  • Permanent residency can be granted on the third renewal or earlier based on circumstances.
  • The Cypriot spouse can apply for citizenship after obtaining permanent residency, meeting marriage and residence criteria.

Government Fees:
  • Application fee for each PR application: €120.