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Cyprus Corporate Services

Cyprus has developed a reputation for being a secure and reliable jurisdiction for international businesses. Being an EU member, Cyprus also provides businesses access to the lucrative market with the lowest taxes in the European Union. We make starting your business easy with our comprehensive corporate services in Cyprus. 
We help international businesses at all stages of setting up and running their business in Cyprus. Our experts make sure your business is complying with all the regulations and laws of Cyprus jurisdiction ensuring a smooth business experience. 
Our team of professionals has experience working in the corporate service sector and provides corporate services with exceptional professionalism. We take advantage of Cyprus’s business-friendly environment to speed up the process. Our services include setting up limited companies in Cyprus, professional directorship, office registration, nominee registration, bank account opening, tax compliance and other key administration services your business will need. 
We offer: 
  1.      Corresponding with local authorities. 
  2.      Ensuring all statutory returns and fees are submitted. 
  3.       Arranging for mandatory annual statutory filings  

Cyprus Directorship Services 

Cyprus is one of the most popular locations for foreign investors looking to enter the lucrative European Union market. The island nation has a friendly attitude towards foreign investors. There are no restrictions on the type of investments in business sectors and also allows foreign individuals to wholly own a Cyprus LLC. 
Moreover, the transparent tax system and multiple double taxation treaty agreements allow for smooth operations with low taxes. Being one of the safest countries in the EU with a good education system, Cyprus attracts investors to settle in the country as well. 
Creating a Cyprus Ltd company in the friendly Cypriot environment is easy and low-cost but to avoid all the risks of non-compliance with the laws, you will require professional help. At ITS, we offer comprehensive services for setting up a limited company in Cyprus. Our professional services help you navigate all the processes from start to finish efficiently and quickly while complying with all the laws. 
We offer: ·        
1-The process of incorporation of entities in Cyprus is taken care of by us from start to finish. ·        
2-Non-Cyprus resident companies are managed and controlled outside Cyprus through agents with whom we have partnerships with. ·       
3-Through our trusted partners we can provide incorporation services in other jurisdictions as well.