Cyprus property investment – Key benefits

Cyprus property investment – Key benefits

 Investing in Property in Cyprus: Benefits and Opportunities Investing in property in Cyprus presents a lucrative opportunity for investors worldwide, including those from EU countries. With the island's construction industry recovering, this is an ideal time to explore the benefits of property investment in Cyprus. Cyprus Property Investment Visa:
  • Foreign nationals investing €300,000 can acquire a permanent residency visa.
  • Options include purchasing new houses/apartments or commercial properties.
  • Income must come from abroad.
  • After five years of residency, investors can apply for Cyprus citizenship.

Advantages of Cyprus Residence Permit through Property Investment:
  • Enjoy EU and Eurozone benefits, including business opportunities and tax advantages.
  • Low corporate tax at 12.5% on profits.
  • Non-domicile tax residency benefits for tax-free dividends.
  • High-quality education and safety for families.
  • Attractive rental income potential (4-6% yield).
  • Property values appreciating with a steady annual increase.
  • Protection against inflation through property value growth.
  • Favorable tax regime for rental income, with exemptions for non-tax residents.
  • Reasonable property prices, with variations between towns.
  • Cyprus construction industry's recovery, offering economic opportunities.
  • Timely investment opportunity with a strong construction sector.

Considerations for Successful Property Investment:
  • Seek advice from local professionals for legal, financial planning, and property matters.

Investing in Cyprus property offers not only financial gains but also residency benefits and a promising market. It's essential to make informed decisions with expert guidance.