Employment and labour law in Cyprus

Employment and labour law in Cyprus

 Cyprus Employment Law: Protecting Employee Rights Cyprus Employment Law governs the relationship between employers and employees, rooted in contract law principles. It's vital for both parties to agree willingly and freely to the contract terms. Statutes and obligations further safeguard employee rights, such as the Termination of Employment Law of 1967 and collective agreements. 

Employee Rights and Statutory Protection:
  • Employers must respect constitutional rights, including work, strike, and equal treatment.
  • Key statutes include the Termination of Employment Law, Social Security Insurance Law, Annual Paid Leave Law, and more.

Employment Contracts:
  • Contracts, written or not, are binding.
  • Employers must provide terms within a month of commencement.
  • Both statutory and common law rights apply to all contracts.

Employee Rights Include:
  • A maximum 48-hour working week, including overtime.
  • Maternity and parental leave entitlements.
  • Equal pay for equal work.
  • Minimum wage protection for specific industries.

Termination of Employment:
  • Termination of Employment Law protects against dismissal.
  • Notice period varies based on service length.
  • Unlawful dismissal claims can be filed if the reason is unjustified.

Grounds for Lawful Termination:
  • Poor work performance.
  • Redundancy.
  • Force majeure.
  • Non-renewal.
  • Conduct-related issues.

Maternity and Family Leave:
  • Protection of Maternity Law guarantees maternity and paternity leave.
  • Paid time off not required, but dismissal protection exists.

Minimum Wage:
  • Agreed upon for most roles, but certain professions have a minimum wage.
  • Set annually by the Ministerial Council.

  • Cyprus law prohibits all forms of discrimination.
  • Unequal pay based on sex is explicitly forbidden.

Working Hours and Rest Periods:
  • Weekly work should not exceed 48 hours, including overtime.
  • Specific restrictions apply to industries like hotels and shift work.
  • Night workers have limitations.

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