Cyprus Pink Slip

Cyprus Pink Slip

 Cyprus Pink Slip - Temporary Residence Permit The Cyprus Pink Slip, also known as a Temporary Residence Permit, is designed for non-European Union passport holders seeking an extended stay in Cyprus beyond 90 days. It allows tourists and visitors to extend their stay, regardless of their initial visa duration, provided they apply before their current visa expires. Key Points:
  • Valid for 1 year, renewable annually
  • Allows living in Cyprus as a visitor without the right to work
  • Spouse and children (under 18) can also apply as dependents
  • Cannot stay outside Cyprus for more than three months continuously
  • No right to work in Cyprus

Requirements for Cyprus Pink Slip:
  • Adequate income from abroad (estimated around €25,000 - €30,000 for a three-member family)
  • Rented or bought a house or apartment in Cyprus
  • Bank statement and proof of transfer from abroad (€24,000 deposit/transfer)
  • Bank guarantee (amount varies based on nationality)
  • Health insurance (can be international or obtained in Cyprus)
  • Medical exams (for the first permit, not renewals)
  • Documents to prove income from abroad
  • Passport copy
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Children's Birth Certificates (if applicable)
  • School enrolment confirmation for children
  • Criminal Record from country of origin or residence

Cyprus Government Fees:
  • Application for the first time or renewal: €70 for each family member
  • Registration: €70 for each family member (payable only on first application)

Advice / Recommendations:
  • Transfer money from abroad to Cyprus bank account
  • Use visa or credit card for expenses to show financial activity

Our Services: Our team manages the entire application process, including booking submission meetings, preparing forms, advising on documents, attending meetings, following application progress, and delivering permit cards. Contact us for a free personal consultation to learn more about our competitive fee-based services.